Posted by: aidshike | December 15, 2013

Neuropathy… pain, discomfort and restrictions – (2 of 2)

… from part (1 0f 2)

I just finished massaging my legs and feet. I spend over 30 minutes each leg and foot and by the time I am done my hands ache and my fingers hurt. Now, mind you I don’t like to complain, because I have had it much worse and there are so many others who have it worse today. In 1997-98 I was told I may never walk again… my feet and legs finally became purple from the toes to the top of the legs and I had to use a walker and much assistance to get around. For someone who loves to hike, walk, dance, rock climb, bike etc. it was not only physically debilitating, but deeply mentally challenging as well.

But today I do have feeling in my feet and legs…. I just mostly feel pain… and I try to remain as active as I can…because I can. But I have started a non-profit that revolves around hiking and walking. When I started my blog and later created the website and Facebook page this past winter I went out and hiked regardless of the weather.  I was proud at how much I could walk and hike and I slowly increased my hikes from a mile up to 7.5 miles.  I started blogging with the amount of miles I had accomplished each day at the end of each entry.

Today I run errands and spend too much time on my feet at the grocery store and come home to pain that is only better after the intense self-care I mentioned… and my doctor tells me it could get worse or at least likely will stay the same. I don’t like to hear this and I don’t like to be limited, so despite the consequences I must re-start my efforts to exercise on my feet again. It is only then that I will know my limitations. Pain is relative. The ability to do things that appear out of reach is an ability that I possess so I must move forward and walk, hike and get out there to nature where the emotional and mental healing can contradict the physical pain.

I will keep you posted.

Moshe Mark Adler

December 14th, 2013

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