Posted by: aidshike | December 15, 2013

Neuropathy… pain, discomfort and restrictions – (1 of 2)

Dear Shelly,

If you were still alive today, you may have similar health challenges…

Neuropathy… pain, discomfort and restrictions

The fall has become winter and the days have gotten shorter and although I love the brisk cold days and turning of the seasons I have not been outside hiking or even walking very much at all. I suffer from Neuropathy and my feet and legs have been really hurting and this has taken a toll on my spirit and abilities to get out and be physical. Every day it seems I come home and it feels like I just want to put my feet up. My calves burn and my feet ache, my knees can scream and my toes call for my attention… and my feet get bitter cold. Two pairs of socks and fleece moccasins only start to warm them up.

I just spent an arduous search trying to find the warmest slippers and after numerous trips to LL Bean, REI and too much time shopping online I have only partially succeeded. I found great sheepskin slippers that keep my feet warm MOST nights. I found little heat packets that can go under my toes when I am outside and then I found the warm down booties that are on my feet right now. They are like little down jackets for my feet. I had a pair when I went mountaineering and they were the saving grace at the end of the day when I took off my boots in the snow. Too bad it is not snowing indoors … that would be cool, and make the cold more explainable.

There ARE things I can do to at least a reduce myself of some of the pain and discomfort … they take time, attention and good self-care but to be honest sometimes it is hard to dig deep and do the things that at least make me feel better in the moment. I have a little device the size of a pack of cards that electrically stimulates my feet or legs but the electrodes only work in one area and the relief is limited. Warm bathes with Epsom salts make my feet feel loved but the results are also limited. I have also started a regiment of taking ALA, a supplement that may reduce the pain as it has a history of helping with diabetic peripheral Neuropathy and mine mirrors the same symptoms. I remain optimistic that it will help but realistic that it just costs a lot and yet may only provide SOME relief.

… see part (2 of 2)

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