Posted by: aidshike | March 6, 2013

Aidshike planning and action moving on!! – day ten

Dear Shelly,

I wanted to let you know that:

I have been very hard at work completing many stages of the project  AIDS HIKE. This has been a vision of mine for over a decade and only relatively recently…when I found someone to work with, have I been able to focus my energy and start the process stage by stage. Moshe Y. Landman is a great foil to my skills and his knowledge has helped us to have already created the non-profit, filed for and completed work on an EIN and Articles of Incorporation which has led to our starting a banking relationship and we are starting to create the AIDSHIKE website

We are just a step away from folks being able to donate funds online from the Facebook page, the website or PayPal and we are already equipped to receive donations via check…but we want to take things to the next level in focus and detail before we truly reach out for this help and then hopefully corporate sponsorships

From “About Us” page of the Facebook page:

<<AIDS HIKE is a non-profit organization that will be a catalyst to foster education, awareness and understanding of the effects of HIV in America; and consist of fundraisers to support service providers for those living with HIV/Aids.>>

There will be smaller local hikes listed on New Event pages on the Facebook page and later on the website’s “Calendar” section … we hope everyone will consider joining to hike with us.

This blog will also be embedded on the website!!!

The FB page is:

Shelly, I know that you would just love to be a part of this project/movement, but believe me … you are!   MMA

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