Posted by: aidshike | February 17, 2013

Finding Myself in Nature – day seven


Dear Shelly,

It’s cold out here… about 30 degrees, actually about 20 something with the wind-chill. What an amazing day to take a hike. Crisp air, almost empty trails, muddy paths hardened & frozen and knowing that your skin on your cheek is bright red just by feeling the cold consume it… and it snowed as my hike started. Just very light flurries, but with large puffy flakes, barely sticking to the ground except in places…but the flakes keep coming down creating a vision of them in front of me much like the reflection of a sunset shimmering across a lake. It is glorious to walk through them. It is wonderful to be in this moment, blessed to be walking so connected to Mother Nature, as these gifts from Father Sky abound


The snow stops…leaving behind a thin coat of white in areas not blocked by the trees. The lines of snow are like shadows of the trees only reversed. The ice cold surrounds me, uplifts me, and suspends me in time. It is cold, but my layers of clothing are comfy and make me happy. I don’t even feel like I am braving the elements because I feel like I am one with the elements. I have walked one and a half miles so far, slowly, as I have stopped to take pictures, both with my camera and mental snapshots. I have watched folks appearing on the horizon ahead like specks. As they have come closer often times they are just one with a dog.


These dogs’ greetings show their personalities… some are curious and check me out intently, others are overjoyed and stop to let me pet them or even jump up as if wanting to dance. There is a simple love and affection with these four legged creatures. To have the honor to hike with one is to have a whole different perspective. They guide us on the trail, like they are shepherds up ahead. Then they circle back to make sure they are ok, that we are ok, that the moment is shared. And how magical it is to see the natural splendor through their eyes, like those of a young child. As these dogs walking their owners approach and pass I am left, not feeling alone, but reminded of the simplicity and grace of animals.



I reach a path down to the lake and choose to take off my pack, put it down with my walking staff and just take in another vista, another view. I take out this journal and write. I am bare handed and have completely forgotten how cold it is. The snow has stopped and in this moment it is as if time has stopped. I have such gratitude to be out alone with Mother Nature. It is amazing… to be in nature and to have these moments of solitude. To just be here with no agenda, no time and no other space. Just one with nature … and another part of myself that arrived on the trail quite unexpected. What a blessing. I have found myself as I have found nature and I am truly grateful for these discoveries. I am here now…alone…but not alone… in this moment.


Moshe Mark Adler – 2/17/13


Walked 2 miles Friday at Milford Mill in Baltimore on the Gwynns Falls Trail w/ my friend Shaya. It was a perfect 2 miles loop… more like a hike. lots of good old mud and puddles! Woo Hoo! Took Saturday off for Shabbos and great day/night at Fire circle/ drum circle turning of the seasons ceremony in Upper Marlboro, MD. Did work the hands and arms hard though!!!

Went on hike today at Robert E. Lee Park also here in Baltimore, from the road side entrance on Falls. Wrote the above piece. Hiked 4.5 miles, 7,936 steps at 3.7mph pace. Pedometer counted them as RUNNING miles. The whole hike was a few hours as I stopped to take pictures, meander and to write by the water. This trail has numerous off trails and options. I hiked it towards where the end of my hike was last Sunday time. I will go all the way to the waterfall next time…to the universe… and beyond!!!

Friday total miles: 2.0


FIRST WEEK TOTAL 14.6  —— 212 pounds, 42 percent body fat! long way to go : (


Today’s miles: 4.5

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