Posted by: aidshike | February 13, 2013

long day, good self care … counting my blessings – day five


Hello Shelly,

It’s been a tough day. I have been pretty psyched about finally starting this blog, been writing real late, walking every day and started going to the gym monday. Well I hit the wall this morning. Had a great time last night writing about my experience on Mt Rainier but I am already nocturnal and it kept me up even later.. I slept in today and then woke up really sore (the first intense workout caught up with me) and tired (the walking caught up with me)

So I had to really give myself a break and listen to my body and I didn’t go to the gym today. I also won’t be walking at all today. Part the body’s pleas, but also I went for a bit of a road trip down to Takoma Park (on the MD/DC border near Silver Spring MD) for a drum circle event (almost two hours round trip) and really drummed intensely. Hands are tired, legs are worse and  it’s still coming down out there rain/snow and unlike last night when I was inspired to layer up and go for a night’s walk, I will chill out today.

so no miles, no workout … will start at gym again tomorrow

Well, when I get bit down and tired I have to remind myself of my blessings. I have chosen to cut this post short but end it with a gratitude list I wrote a while ago. Reading it always helps put things into perspective…


1)      I am alive

2)      I have a roof over my head

3)      I have more than enough food on the table

4)      I have heat and air conditioning

5)      I have family and friends that love, care and support me unconditionally

6)      I am relatively healthy

7)      My hands work

8)      My legs work and I can walk

9)      I can see

10)   I can hear

11)   I can speak

12)   I can feel

13)   I can heal

14)   The health challenges I do have are manageable

15)   I have emotional and mental stability

16)   I am a US citizen and have my unalienable rights

17)   I have medical support for all my physical and mental needs

18)   I have access to great medical care, doctors, caseworkers and clinics

19)   I live comfortably

20)   I worry not for shelter or food, relative safety, stability and security

21)   I can read

22)   I can write

23)   I can speak and understand English and express myself fluently

24)   I have access to and appreciation for art, theatre, music and sports

25)   I have a wonderful cat that has stuck with me through the toughest time


So LIFE IS GOOD!!! I am blessed and now I can close up this computer and put the tough parts of the day behind. I got to drum with my friends and local community/scene, I took care of myself today and now I will continue to do so and have a great late dinner


total miles: zero

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