Posted by: aidshike | February 9, 2013

Spark the Mission to reach the Vision – day one

What if I told you that you could and will accomplish a goal bigger than your dreams? What if I told you that by bringing like-minded kindred spirits blessed with the same challenges together you can make a difference in the world by what you represent, what you share and what you can accomplish? You will be unified … a team… as one! What if I told you that you can really make it happen, even shock the world?

Don’t embark on the journey – your mission to bring your vision into reality – with any thoughts about standing on that last mountaintop. It may be there waiting for you at the end of your journey and the destination may never have to be defined.

You are destined to make a difference. You can step up without worry or fear and begin this journey by doing the first thing, by taking the first step. Make the dream start to come into focus in real time, in real space.  Your shared journey is about walking. You must leave the talking behind, but never stop the discussion, the dialogue. Find others to share your vision. With these others there will be more energy, more spirit and more drive; and your team will come together… your dream will start to become a reality.

As you plan remember to walk, to train, to hike, to take risks and let yourself slowly become stronger. Push yourself that extra step. Just one more step. It is in striving for and meeting these challenges that the vision will be met with action.

Dream big… but act small … one little detail at a time… because it is in the planning and the hard work, that the details can come together… to spark the dream into action, let the path come into focus.

You can walk, you can hike, you can go beyond even where you envisioned yourself going…right now. You can help others go there too.

Do NOT think small or create a wall of resistance and limitations. Do not let yourself start to believe that the mission to follow the vision is too much. Do not let what others say bring you down or make you question your path.

The journey starts with faith, with hope, with belief and with a strong will to make that difference in the world. TAKE THE FIRST STEP!


Today’s walk: 1.95 miles

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